Withdrawals and deposits

In the free version of the game all deposits and withdrawals are not available. All members start with free 10 $

Free cash:

Base reward : 0.0001$
Timer: 15 minutes

The website allows you to claim free cash, the reward depends on the amount of cities . Each city increases the amount by 0.0001$ .

Cities :

Base cost : 0.01$
Function : Host Infrastructure

Once you register your account you should start by making as many cities as possible. These are essential for your growth. Cities cost start from 0.01$ and double each time one is built.

Building more cities will have a negative impact on the commerce income, so it is important to build more infrastructure in new cities.


Base cost: 0.00001$
Function: Increase population and building capacity.
Base increase of tax revenue : $0.00001 per level (further increased by commercial improvements)

Unless you acquire more capacity your cities will not generate much wealth . By developing your cities size you increase your income from taxes and building capacity. Building capacity allows you to host improvements. Infrastructure costs start from 0.00001$ and doubles each time it is developed. The costs reset in each new city.

Raw Resources:

Cost : 0.01$ each building
Function : produce raw materials

Coal and Iron mines generate coal and iron which are used to manufacture steel .
Lead mines generate lead which is used to manufacture munitions.
Bauxite mines generate bauxite which is used to manufacture aluminum.
Oil wells generate oil which is used to manufacture gasoline.

Raw materials can be manufactured into special materials used by military or sold at the market.

Manufactured Resources:

Cost: 0.10$ each building
Function : produce resources for military use

Steel is used to build tanks and navy.
Munitions are used in battles for all military units and gasoline for all but soldiers.
Aluminum is used to build jets.
Munitions are used in battles by all military units.
Gasoline is used by all military units except soldiers.

Military goods can be used by your military or sold at the market.


Super markets : 0.01$
Shopping malls : 0.1$
Trade centers : 1$
Banks : 10$
Function : Increase commercial output of cities up to 1.000%

Income rate increase by commercial building:

Super markets 1%
Shopping malls 10%
Trade centers 100%
Banks 1.000%

Commercial buildings increase your nations output in taxes(Income rate %), basically generating more wealth and thus more USDT.
Super markets, shopping malls, trade centers and banks increase your base commerce income up to 1.000% per city (if you build in a city a bank building any other commerce buildings would not affect the income from taxes in that city) .

If the output of a city is 100% you can build all commercial buildings. If it is 100+1, you can build all but a bank (because doing so would exceed the maximum of 1000% in that city). If it is 900+1 you cant build a bank or a trading center as well. At 990% you can only build super markets or malls. And lastly at 999% you can build only a super marker.
The total commercial output of your entire nation cant exceed 1.000% * number of cities.

Military :

Cost :
Soldiers: 0.00001$
Tanks: 0.0001$ and 1 steel
Jets: 0.001$ and 1 aluminum
Navy: 0.01$ and 10 steel

Function : React in defensive and offensive conflicts .

All units require a base first to be produced. Once you acquire a base you may then start producing military units. Units are able to react in defensive battles automatically(provided that you have the military materials needed) while to take an agressive action you must be at war with a nation and select your action.

Base for soldiers : 0.01$
Base for tanks : 0.1$
Base for jets : 1$
Base for navy : 10$

Function : allows output of military units

The possible actions during a war are :
GVG (ground vs ground)
AVG (air strike ground forces with air forces)
AVA (attack enemy jets with your own)
AVN (attack enemy navy with jets)
NVN (attack enemy navy with your own navy)
Propose peace

For a succesful attack or defense you need more military units and military equipment for your army. If there arent enough resources for your army only a part of it will participate in a battle (depending on how many resources you have at that time)
Defeating an enemy navy with your own will disable their ability to trade,deposit or withdraw untill they manage to defeat yours (either with air forces or with their own navy).

To fight in a battle your units need military goods, if there are not enough to operate your units they will be lost in a defensive battle without fighting back. This means that the enemy will be able to bomb your air force if it does not have enough military goods, your soldiers will surrender and tanks will be taken by the enemy.

In order to stop the war either up to 4 days must pass or both sides must agree to peace.

There must be a ratio of 10 soldiers per tank.
Battle requirements per unit:

Soldiers : 0 gas and 1 munitions
Tanks : 1 gas and 2 munitions
Air : 2 gas and 3 munitions
Navy : 3 gas and 4 munitions

Ground units may loot cash from the enemy . The loot is equal to tanks units monetary value and for soldiers it is tenfold. For instance soldiers each cost 0.0001 $ and they will loot ten times that each. So 1.000 soldiers will loot 0.1$ .

Marketplace :

Function : trade resources to alleviate shortages or export for gain, or else trade like on stock market .

The marketplace allows nations to buy or sell resources on the market but keep in mind that prices are dependent on other players actions, they may increase or decrease rapidly.

Force :

Function : estimate the total strength of a nation . All war declarations are based on the relation of force between players.
Force is a representative of the total combined strength of your nation. It is based on this parameter you can declare or be declared upon by other players.
Specifically : You can declare war on nations with score 75% higher and 25% less than your own.

Population :

Population is the total population of your nation, it increases based on the total infrastructure levels .
It generates income through taxes and works in facilities.

Loot :

Soldiers are the best unit to loot enemies, as long as each soldier is equiped with one munition they will fight in offensive or defensive battles. During succesful offensive battles all the remaining soldiers will return home with looted USDT provided that the enemy had a positive balance.
Resources cant be looted therefore storing resources is a good way to protect your funds.

Government :

Function : Upgrades total national strength.
Cost : 1 $ first upgrade ,2$ the second and 4$ the third .

Monarchy (1st level): Doubles industrial production of raw materials
Authoritarianism (1st level): Increases taxes income based on amount of cities (equal to the penalty from amount of cities) .
Totalitarianism (1st level): Increases defensive strength of soldiers during defensive battles by 10%

Monarchy (2nd level): Doubles industrial production of refined materials .
Authoritarianism (2nd level): Removes the penalty to commerce from amount of cities.
Totalitarianism (2nd level): Increases offensive strength of soldiers during offensive battles by 10%

Monarchy (3rd level): Doubles industrial and raw production of refined materials .
Authoritarianism (3rd level): Increases taxes income and removes penalty.
Totalitarianism (3rd level): Increases defensive and offensive strength of soldiers during defensive and offensive battles by 10%

Loans :

Function : Receive extra money for a set duration
Interest : 1% daily (first day applies on request)
Fee : 0.01$ (one time)

The loan amount is calculated based on :
Cities * 0.05$
Total development * 0.00001$
Trading centers * 0.1$
Banks * 1$
Shopping malls * 0.001$
Super markets * 0.0001$
All raw resources factories * 0.001$
Manufacturing factories * 0.01$
Referrals * 0.01$

On daily update the interest rate is being applied to the loan amount. If there arent enough funds to cover a payment (Loan/30) the amount is left as is to be paid the next day.
Members cant withdraw while in debt .

Intelligence Agency :

Function : Increase intellignce strength (or hide nations information from others)
Cost : 0.01$ for first level of the Agency
0.001$ each spy trained

To acquire basic intell(level 1) about a nation you need at least 1% more IA strength than the enemy .
To acquire medium intell(level 2) about a nation you need at least 2 times more IA strength than the enemy .
To acquire maximum intell(level 3) about a nation you need at least 3 times more IA strength than the enemy .

Intell per level : level 1 : Military units and ports status .
level 2 : level 1 intell + their IA strength , Government type and all facilities built .
level 3 : level 2 intell + their resources (cash included) .

Referrals :

You will earn daily 0.0001$ permanently for each referred user with at least one city (provided that it was built upon registration).
Invite referrals and earn a permanent passive income! You will earn daily at least 0.0001$* for each referral that has at least one city. This way if you have 100 referrals you will earn daily for ever even if they are inactive 0.01$ .
*("at least" : in the following months the earnings will be updated to 0.0001$ per city per referral, so if you have 100 referrals and they have 5 cities on average you will net daily 0.05$).
You dont need any cities to invite referrals .

Shares :

Shares are a bank function which is tied to the IBSI services. You must have a minimum of 5 cities before accessing this feature.
Shares prices will fluctuate based on demand just like any other asset. Members can acquire shares and will earn a % based on the current price of their shares.
Annual rate is 36.5% (0.1 daily) assuming 365 days in a year and a fixed shares price.
However if shares prices increase so do dividents paid daily.

Research :

Research allows you to decrease costs and increase income and military strength .
There are 3 levels of research facilities . They cost 1$ for first , 2$ second and 4$ the third .
Cost for every research starts at 0.01$ and doubles with every upgrade. Every research level affects each technology by 1% up to 10%.
1st level of research facilities :
Technologies :
Infrastructure research
2nd level :
Military research
3rd level
Industrial research

Homeland Security (deactivate wars) :

Cost : 50% of income tax and faucet income .
Function : Impose peace .
Homeland Security is an initiative by the UBTCN (united BTC nations) .
The UBTCN forces will be deployed in your capital and at the borders to ensure peace , this works both ways (you cant declare on anyone) .

There will be more features added in the future, for more detailed information please visit our discord channel .